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Okay, so there was literally nothing about that episode that wasn’t heartbreakingly painful to me, whether it was the New York or the growing up or the straight out of high school to New York, which is a wonder that you just can’t recapture— heartbreaking for the ache of missing and the ache of having had. And the last number of Rachel’s— the framing shot of her on the stage, her solitary true love there, and sometimes invisible in the city crowd that is mass, submersive heartbeat— I wept the whole way through.

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Ayup. There’s my old office commute. Ow.

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Sundry Glee Thoughts (or: I never liked Quinn until tonight)

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Seriously, don’t use antibiotics if you don’t have to, because damn it is easy to make these things more resistant.


BA, Biology, University of Chicago

Seems timely. But after my ear started bleeding last night, it’s off to the doctor (even though alas, insurance, I knew you…).

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So, so sick. Have been off work since Thursday night, can’t really afford to be. Sinus gross has traveled into clogged and ringing ear gross which has simultaneously coalesced into congested chest producing shallow, mostly dry coughing fits that can last a full minute (or, more acutely, from 1:18-5am like this morning) gross.

At this point, I am no longer a patient patient. Even without the 2 seasons of Dexter I’ve been able to plow through, my vocab has tanked into submarine levels of foul. Last night I got 3 hours of sleep despite going to bed at 8:40, clicking the telly midway through Ellen’s Academy Award opening. No appetite, no drive to do anything but cycle through Dexter and pet the dog when she starts to whine and refill and -boil the kettle.


On the other hand, today I finally got to see Kill Your Darlings, which was excellent and sharp and made me miss school. Also a little annoyed— that was the Big and Scary Gay Sex Scene (tm) that had the world up in arms? Surely we’re a bit more progressive than that, thanks.

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here to sing Lettuce Ghost, Idel Dazine 

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Writers: Have you ever taken pictures of the weird, extreme, radical things you do to revise your work? Dramatically marked-up pages? Cut-up pages, index cards, post-its on the wall? I want to show my students how intensively - and inventively - professional writers revise their work. Email me with anything you have.

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Photos from the set (2/27/14)

For more photos visit  here and here.

Deb, those glasses.

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Whereupon one knits a shape in one color against a background of another color

I know it’s not, but all I can think is that it’s called interregnum knitting.

Plaintive help.